Month: April 2014

Trip In Holiday By:Sukma Genta B

hi my name genta i grade 77 i want say story about study tour

day 1.

on monday my friend and i goes to musium tekstil well the musium not open on monday so we goes to tmii  at the tmii we go to tradisional house .at the tradisional house we take a pictures .well we go to snow bay at 2.30 and we arrived at snow bay and we play water in there is so fun but we must go to school at 4.45 well because trafic jam we arrived school at 5.30 but i arrived home at 6.00 that is my strories about day 1.


day 2.

on tuesday i wake up at 3.00 and i pray subuh at 5.00 but i go to school at 8.30 but in there i alone my friends not be there and we goes to musium texstill to make batik but many kids for 255 junior high school are there .make batik is so fun but we must need concentrate.

first we must make a dissagn in wool fwith pencil after that we must thicken in wol with chanting and becarfull the canting is so hot nut after that we must colloring the woll with fabric paint and after we make batic we goes to musium fatahilla in musium fatahilla we see many historical objek and many old building  in musium fatahiilla we can saw womens prison and man prison that building is so amature

after that we go too planetarium but because the ticket is sold we can come in there but we steel can take a pictures in there

now i want to say story in day 3

day 3

on day 3  i goes too hilman house in himan house  rouf,ais,and i make a home work but first we play laptop to play a games special force after that we play futsal in field near hilman house but because we tired we eat some food

we back to hilman house to play games again and we study home work at 3.oo and we goes to home at 5.30

(my story is the end but i am so soory becaus a bad about laptop)



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Trip in holiday:Ais Nanda Pradhana

Day 1

I went to textile museum.I went to textile museum with my Hilman,Rouf and Genta.We dont know where is textile museum.So,we search on map.We finally found the textile museum.But when we arivved,the museum textile was closed.So,we went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.At Taman Mini,we went to central Java and Bali traditional house.At the traditional house we can see traditional instrument and traditional cloth

Day 2

We went to textile museum beacause yesterday textile museum was closed.At textile museum we paiting cloth.Painting cloth was very difficult.Finally we finished the painting cloth and know we understand how to painting cloth.Then,we went to fatahilah museum.At fatahilah museum we can learn history of jakarta.From fatahilah museum,we went to planetarium we only take a picture because the ticket was sold out

Day 3

I went to Hilman house.At Hilman house i make bahasa indonesia assignment.I made deskriptif about what i saw on the museum in power point.I did it with Hilman,Genta and Rouf.Then,i continued to made english assignment.i made fifteen sentence in pasten with handwriting.after i finished the assignment i played football and badminton with Hilman,Rouf and Genta.After that,i went home

By;Ais Nanda Pradhana


Fun Holiday

Day 1

At the first day 1 I woke up at 5am.Afther that pray subuh and breakfast and I at 8.30am I go to school.My Friends and I goes to Museum Textile.Well Museum Textile not open on Monday.Afther that My Friends and I goes to TMII(Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) at the TMII we go to Tradisional House.At 2.30am we arrived at Snow Bay My Friends and I played warter arrived at 5pm.The next time we went to school and at 6.30pm I go home.

Day 2

On Tuesday I woke up at 5am.I pray subuh and breakfast.At 9.30am I go to school with My Mother afther arrived at school.My Friends and I goes to Museum Textile.Arrived to Museum Textile My Friends and I learning making Batik.Afther that we make pray in the mosque.Afther that we goes to Kota Tua and Fatahillah there My Friends and I take picture.At 16.30pm we goes to Planetarium.Well Planetarium uas closed.

Day 3

On Wednesday I woke up at 5am.I pray subuh and breakfast.At 8.30am My Mother and I go to Hilman house with Ais,Genta.My Friends and I make homework.We work assignment Bahasa Indonesia and PKn.And at 15.30pm we played football and played badminton.At 18.00pm I go home.

Trip In Holiday. by:Hilman Nabil Syah Putra

Day 1

I went to textile museum but,i dont know the road to the museum so i search on the map.finally,i found the textile museum.But,when arrived the museum was,i when to taman mini indonesia indah.At the taman mini indonesia indah i rent bicycle to central Java and bali traditional the traditional house i can see traditional instrumend.

day 2

I want to textile museum because yesterday the textile museum is closed.At the textile museum i painting clocth.Now i understand how painting clocth,step by step.after painting clocth i pray in the mosque.after pray i continued trip to fatahillah fatahillah museum i can learn everything about historical of Jakarta from time to time.From fatahillah museum,i went to planetarium at cikini planetarium i can only read the catalogue because as i arrived there the ticket was sold out.

day 3

I just stayed at home to finised assignment of bahasa indonesia.I made deskriptif about what i saw on the trip museum and others into power point.I did it whit my friends Rouf,Genta,and Ais.after my friend when home,i continued to do the english assignment.I had to make fifteen centesis in pasten with handwriting.

by:Hilman Nabil Syah Putra VII-7



Trip In holiday

Day 1

At the first day i woke up at 04:00, then i took a bath. The water is so cold and freezing. After that i prayed at mosque and ate my breakfast. At 05:30 i went to gymnasium with my father and mother. In the bus, i got free breakfast and student worksheet (LKS). The breakfast from the teacher is very delicious. After 30 minutes waiting, finally i went to Bandung. It took 3.30 hour to reach Bandung by bus. In Bandung i went to geology museum. At the museum i saw many things. I saw a bone of dinosaur, it is really big. Then, i watch a movie about time with my friend. The movie is really interesting. After geology museum, i went to saung mang udjo. I prayed and ate lunch at that place. I also saw a performance and played angklung. then i continued my journey to Yogya


Day 2

I  started this day with took a bath and breakfast at orangutan rest area. After breakfast I went to Borobudur temple. I took a picture with my class, I also walked to the top of the temple. Then I took a picture with my friend. After 45 minutes I ate lunch and went to hotel. The hotel is nice. I took a bath again and prayed. After prayed  I went to Prambanan temple. I saw a performance of rama and shinta. After that I ate dinner and went to hotel

Day 3

In this day I woke up and ate my breakfast in restaurant. After that, my friends and I went to tour village. At that village I got a nice homestay. I learned about wayang kulit and also presentation about wayang kulit. Then I catched fish. It is hard because the fish is really slippery. After catched fish I went to homestay to took a bath. After took a bath, I went to pendopo to eat dinner. After dinner every class must sang a song. After 10:30 pm I came back to homestay to sleep.

Day 4

I started this day by took a bath and breakfast, I breakfast at pendopo. After breakfast I went to malioboro and bought a souvenir for my family. I bought clothe, book, mask and some food. After malioboro I went to restaurant to ate my lunch and prayed dzuhur. Then I went to Jakarta. But at the way to Jakarta I also went to restaurant to ate dinner.

By: Rafi Muhammad Dzakir